The 2022 recap for the Web Scraping industry

My general feelings about 2022

2022 is closing and as usual, these last days are spent making a recap of what we achieved and what happened during the past year.

As some of you may know from my Linkedin profile, with Re Analytics I’m in the web scraping industry since 2014. Actually, we achieved a dimension of hundreds of e-commerce websites scraped every day so, at least in this niche, I can say I’ve got some experience on the ground.

From my experience, I would say that 2022 is the year where anti-bot solutions gave us the most headaches. The difficulty of web scraping increased significantly and so did the costs of doing it at scale.

But this didn’t stop the web scraping industry, it pushed only the developers to use more sophisticated techniques, more proxies, and headful browsers.

As stated by Shane Evans, CEO of Zyte, during the 2022 Extract Summit, the spending for web data has increased and will continue this trend also in the future.

Web scraping market size
Web scraping market size

More and more industries are digitalized and so the need and availability of web data keep increasing and so web scraping will be a hot trend for the next years.