THE LAB #7: Scraping PerimeterX protected websites

What is PerimeterX?

PerimeterX is one of the most well-known anti-bot solutions, used by some of the top-tier websites on the net. They recently merged with Human Security, another company in the anti-bot industry but more focused on fraud prevention and account abuse.

How to detect PerimeterX anti-bot solution?

If we analyze the tech stack of the target website with Wappalyzer, PerimeterX appears in the security section with a good degree of precision. Detecting it by inspecting the network tab in the developer tools is pretty easy. When active, you will see that PerimeterX sets a cookie with the following format when loading the first page of the website.

The Human Challenge

The Human Challenge is the PerimeterX “trademark” when talking about anti-bot challenges. Instead of throwing a Captcha or a Re-Captcha, their anti-bot solution shows this big button that a human must keep “pressed” with the mouse until the challenge is solved.

PerimeterX Human Challenge

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