Interview #2: Neil Emeigh - Rayobyte

Welcome to our monthly interview, this time it’s the turn of Neil Emeigh, CEO at Rayobyte, a leading company in the proxy industry.

Neil Emeigh from Rayobyte
Neil Emeigh from Rayobyte

Hi Neil, thanks for spending some time together to share with us your thoughts. First of all, tell us more about you and what brought you to be the CEO of Rayobyte.

Hi, Pierluigi! It’s a pleasure to speak to you today.

I started using proxies when I was 14 years old, mainly for SEO purposes. As I used them I kept running into problems with sketchy providers who had poor uptime and bad customer service. Providers who I knew weren’t running their business in an ethical manner - or even one that was safe for their customers! I knew I could do better than that, so I did :)

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